• Japanese name
  • Danish brand
  • Czech production

Forget motorbikes: Kawasaki sports shoes have no connection with the famous Japanese brand. Far from the throbbing of the racing circuits, Kawasaki trainers were initially intended as badminton shoes. In 1973, this Czechoslovakian brand was backed by a Danish distributor in the launch of a basic yet highly fashionable sports shoe. The support, comfort, stability and grip of the Kawasaki shoes made them an immediate success among athletes. The brand took advantage of its new-found popularity and now offers sports shoes to a wide consumer spectrum. A path marked out by success... the brand was selling 250,000 pairs of shoes per year at the end of the 1980s compared with 7000 in its first year! Kawasaki sports shoes have since become iconic. The brand now employs prints and bright colours to attract a style-hungry public looking for casual but fashionable sports shoes. Kawasaki sports shoes are made from natural products, with cotton and suede uppers and genuine rubber soles. Manufacture is eco-friendly, with the sole hot vulcanised to avoid the need for glue. Add to that the extremely reasonable prices and there's no reason to go without!