Ericson & Saether - Code of conduct  

Ericson & Saether AB is a Nordic organization that has a tradition of excellence in its products, in the development of its workforce, marketing of consumer products and in the high ethical standards that guide our business practices. As we broaden our reach through expanded selling and sourcing operations throughout the world, we insist those we do business with meet the standards and ethical practices that have been associated with our company.  

Partners and sources will be selected on the basis of a shared approach to business. An approach that is ethical, recognizes human rights, and protects the environment. Otherwise, we would compromise the reputation of our company and undermine our values.  

Engagement criteria  

The following engagement criteria addresses issues primarily under the control of our business partners, sources and vendors. A prior examination of the social, political and business environment in the countries in which we wish to source will also be a factor in our decision to do business in a country. All our suppliers must agree upon the standards of our code of conduct before we start any cooperation.  

 Ethical standards
 Health and safety
 Employment practices
 Our general engagement criteria is:

Our sustainability aim is to do business with partners, sources and vendors who contribute to the betterment of their communities and who train and develop their workers.  

Our commitment  

Partners and sources that engage in business with Ericson & Saether AB can expect the following:
 A professional approach to business that emphasizes customer satisfaction, product quality, and recognizes the right of our partners and sources to receive a fair return for their efforts.
 Regular contact with Ericson & Saether AB personnel for program, management and technical support.
 Business conducted in an open and truthful way with conduct that is ethical at all times and under all circumstances.